A few of my favorite things: clean, user-focused design; digital accessibility, lean and agile development, continuous improvement, design and delivery of specialized trainings, accessible print, web, and social media, user interviews and testing, empathy without enabling, legal compliance, clear & persuasive communication, interdepartmental teamwork, troubleshooting inaccessible code, content strategy

I curate and redesign content for the benefit of real people: evaluating, sifting, reorganizing, and recreating information until it aligns, progresses, and informs cleanly. There is often a chasm between what we INTEND to present and what we ACTUALLY present because we have difficulty imagining experiences and knowledge bases other than our own.

Who needs to know what you have to share and how they will best receive that information? I can work with you to clarify your focus and distill your messaging, then teach you to present that cleaner content in accessible ways. Whether it’s reworking an information flow, designing wireframes or screens, refining language, reviewing accessibility, or general design consultancy, I will thoroughly analyze your content and suggest its best presentation.

Context is everything: I teach others to create a clean, invisible, accessible experience for real users in their real environments. How, where and upon what device content will be absorbed should inform every moment of that content’s creation. How can the digital and design framework fade into the background because the experience is so seamless? How can your content and intent shine? How can we triage accessibility issues and focus on fixes that will benefit the most people?

Mindset fuels motivation: When we fear the enormity of understandable, concise content and designing for all users, we develop habits of avoidance. When we choose to learn and perfect small habits that layer upon each other over time, each victory then fuels the next area of research and application. Thinking positively about changing digital experiences for the betterment of humanity has a wonderful effect upon our own motivation.

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